Top 20 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free 2018

Top 20 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free 2018
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Anime has a huge following and fondness where it has turned as a cult for fans. If you are really looking for different sources to enjoy anime shows, movies, series and cartoons for free, here are the top best 20 anime streaming sites to watch free and even download. These anime websites are of great collections, high-quality videos and English dubbed version anime as well.

Anime Streaming Sites

Here are top 20 Anime Streaming Sites 2018

1. KissAnime.ru:

KissAnime.ru is quite popular anime streaming website, well-known in 2018 where you can watch any anime content streaming free on the website. It contains high-quality anime videos, movies, shows, mega-series, TV series, cartoon and a lot of stuff. There is also an option to stream videos in different quality formats like 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p as well.

2. 9Anime.is:

9Anime.is quite a credible website on which you can rely on for all sort of anime content. The variety is vivid and engaging to stick on the streaming website. They have pretty many good collections of anime shows, cartoon, and movies. However, the website is not very good for updating the new shows.

3. Chia-Anime.tv:

Chia-Anime.tv is an online streaming and downloads resource for anime and Asian drama content. It is really enjoying the experience where viewers are also allowed to download the shows as well. Additionally, you can also listen to anime soundtracks and read Manga as well.

4. AnimeSeason.com:

AnimeSeason.com has great website user- interface which can be considered as one of the best anime streaming website. There are no unnecessary ads and pop-ups to disturb. You won’t find the search bar but still, everything is well organized and categorized for easy accessibility.

5. Netflix.com:

Netflix isn’t just a universal streaming giant known for high-quality original and other content. Netflix offers a wide variety of anime and Asian content as well. However, the website is not free but the cost is worth it as it is not exactly or only and particular for anime. It is a total entertainment solution for your home where you are getting anime content additionally.

6. GogoAnime.com:

GogoAnime.com is a completely free streaming and downloading website to watch online anime shows, movies, and videos along with English subtitles. Even you will find the English dubbed versions of various anime content are widely available giving you a lot more choices.


7. Ani.me:

Ani.me is totally based on the anime content into different categories and formats as well. The website features only those anime shows which are licensed by the US authorities. You won’t be troubled with irritating advertisements and pop-ups here. You can stream in high quality as up to 1080p.

8. Animesstreams.NET:

Well categorized and maintained anime website always attracts the anime lovers and so does the website Animestreams.NET. You will find very least advertisements or pop-ups here. Interesting things about this website is, if you don’t find any anime show there, you can fill a form and request for it.

9. Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll.com is one of the best options for anime streaming which offers you 20,000 episodes of various anime series. There are also a lot of Asian and Korean dramas to watch as well.

10. Funianimation.com

Funianimation.com is popularly known for having one of the greatest anime collections from all different genres. Also to mention, It is one of the largest anime streaming websites in North America. The website is completely free to access any content.

11. AnimeFreak.TV:

AnimeFreak.tv is another anime streaming website featuring a lot of exciting anime shows in free. They have a great collection of anime episodes over 10,000 of different shows.

12.  Hulu.com:

Hulu is among topmost steaming website in the world which is popular for anime videos and content. It has the largest collection of anime shows, movies, TV shows, cartoons, videos, not to forget the Hulu Originals as well.  There is limited free access to tons of the shows but rest of it you have to pay some amount.

13. eu

The website is completely free where viewers are allowed to watch tons of anime content streaming in different video quality. This is the website which is perfect for anime streaming as well as anime downloading.

14. TheWatchAnime.co:

TheWatchAnime.co is a fantastic anime streaming website where you watch a lot of content in English. The high-quality video streaming website is completely free where it is regularly updated with the latest anime content.

15. AnimeNova.org:

AnimeNova.org is the best one-stop place to get all latest and old anime shows, Tv shows, web shows, Korean dramas, anime movies and the lot more to catch up. The advertisements on the website is also interesting to watch

16. Anilinkz.to:

Another great alternative for anime streaming is Anilinkz.to where you can watch the latest episodes of anime shows and cartoons. You can also download the series and various episodes as well just stream in high-quality.

17. Narutoget.io:

Narutoget.io is kind of the biggest animated shows collection website which features various Manga and anime movies as well. The collection here with movies, anime, cartoons, Manga is completely insane.

18. Animeultima.me:

Animeultima.me is a great online spot for animated series and movies available in English as well. The website is completely free to use where you can also catch up with some popular animated movies and series.

19. AnimeLand:

AnimeLand is the perfect place for those anime fans who really to watch anime shows and movies in English dubbing. They have the largest alphabetically organized collection for that.

20. Manga-anime-here.com:

Manga-anime-here.com is one of the most significant Manga anime streaming website which streams all popular and well-known anime shows. You can use the website completely free; however, there is the premium option to buy as well.


There is plenty of anime streaming and anime downloading website available on the internet. You can stream all those exciting anime shows, movies, cartoons in free. There are few websites which do have the premium option to go for. Go for the best anime streaming website which offers an easy-to-use interface, better anime collection but don’t forget to have multiple options for the variety and availability.

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